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Child Abuse Awareness Programme

Child Abuse Awareness Programme

14th January 2018

In keeping with our mission to prevent child abuse, in the workshop we instructed our children in detail and made them aware about child abuse and it’s dangers.

We also showed them a video(specially designed for children)of a workshop on child abuse through an episode of Satyamev Jayate.

We also had a highly interactive question and answer session where children were encouraged to ask questions and get aware about the issue.

The workshop had four goals.

  • To provide information on the difference between safe and unsafe touching;
  • To define for children the body parts that are considered private/to know the “danger parts” and importance of not letting anyone else(other than parents) touch them;
  • To teach children who to go to when they feel unsafe or confused; and
  • To teach children assertive language skills.

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