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Budget for Zahra Educational Centre- I (Nafees Road)

Budget for Zahra Educational Centre- I (Nafees Road)

The average cost per student for educating a child is just Rs 300 per month(approx.). We are in search of people who can sponsor the education expenses of all or some students. We are currently accepting donations for sponsoring the education expenses of the children on an instalment basis of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months. Budget proposed for the period between April 2019 to March 2020 for the total of 400 children-

Line Items Unit Rate Amount
Curriculum/teaching aids 1 5,000 60,000
Running cost for centres 1 5,000 60,000
Honorarium to Tutors 15 5,000 9,00,000
Scholarship/gifts for bright students   5,000 60,000
Honorarium to Supervisor 2 3,000 72,000
Travel allowance for Supervisor 2 1,500 36,000
Student exposure visits to college 2 5,000 10,000
Celebration of National Events 3 Events 15,000 45,000
Unforeseen Expenses   5,000 60,000
Total     13,03,000

Lives We Saved

Batla House
Okhla Village
Canal Colony
Abul Fazal Enclave

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The present day scenario favours a more inclusive education format involving participatory and community based approach where Government recognises NGOs as the source of innovators and professional resource centres. This helps build a partnership to acquire a macro outcome.

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