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Our Success Stories

Mohd. Tanzeem

Mohd.Tanzeem (Class 12th) Earlier he was a mischievous kid who used to waste his time loitering in the streets unnecessarily indulging in street fights. After having joined our tuitions classes, he has transformed into one of the most well behaved children and is very responsible when it comes to family...
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Nazia Iqbal

Nazia Iqbal (Class 11th) She used to be absolutely diverted and weak in studies. She lacked elementary knowledge even when she was in class 6th. After joining our classes she has been securing good position in her classes having developed a keen interest in studies. She used to be highly...
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Taneesha (Class 6th) She has been with us since the start and she has been topping her class since the last three years. She has the potential to challenge her seniors in terms of knowledge. She has a sharp sense of curiosity and has a keen interest in Mathematics and...
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Tarannum Shamsuddin

Tarannum Shamsuddin (Class 12th) She used to be absolutely weak in studies. Her average marks in Science and Mathematics combined used to be below 30%. Specially she was scared of Mathematics. After four months with Zahra Foundation her average marks in Science and Mathematics combined are above 70%. Surprisingly she...
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Mohammad Faisal

Mohammad Faisal (Class 7th) From being a shy and meek kid sitting at one corner of the class he has considerably grown into confidence. He has started asking questions and has shown growth over all having developed good social skills. He has also been scoring good marks in class test...
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