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Zahra Educational Centre- I

Zahra Foundation



Our aim is to set up four Zahra Educational Centres for the underprivileged children living in the slums of Okhla region where children would be educated free of cost.

Zahra Foundation’s first formal educational centre was set up in the month of July, 2017 for providing free education support in the form of remedial tuition classes to 250+ underprivileged children. These classes run 5 days a week.

Our Impact/ Achievements

  • Provided free tutor support to 500+ children in the last six years.
  • Mainstreamed 25 dropout children into formal education system through our tuition support.
  • Average annual attendance of children increased to 75% from meager 23%.
  • Interest in studies has increased by manifolds. The result of which can be traced back to the average increase of the percentage of marks scored, which has climbed by 30%.
  • The quest for knowledge and knack for questioning has been developed in the children. Children who used to waste almost all their time in loitering and playing have now started reading papers and watching geography and history channels whenever possible.
  • Social skills such as communication, decision making, respecting others and confidence building have been consciously developed in the children through games, stories, and activities to change their moral behavior and civic sense and make them more responsible human.
  • Participation of parents in their child education which was null and void before our intervention has increased significantly. As per the parent’s admission, Zahra is the best thing that can happen for their kids future.
  • Steps to help poorest of the poor sections are always on run in Zahra. Helps are provided in the form of kind and resources.

Lives We Influenced

Batla House
Okhla Village
Canal Colony
Abul Fazal Enclave

Create Awareness

The present day scenario favours a more inclusive education format involving participatory and community based approach where Government recognises NGOs as the source of innovators and professional resource centres. This helps build a partnership to acquire a macro outcome.

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